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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ana Carolina Ardohain

Sexy Women Ana Carolina Ardohain

Sexy Women Ana Carolina Ardohain
Born on January 17th, 1981 in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina (home of models like Valeria Mazza and Ines Rivero), Sexy Women Ana Carolina Ardohain Dos Santos grew up with lofty aspirations. Despite being surrounded by an environment beset with social problems and unrest, little Carolina held fast to her dream of becoming a star, in any capacity.

She completed primary and secondary school, and became well established in a local ballet school, where she practiced for nine years. Her passion for dancing has remained with her until today, and helped her gain composure in her now public life.

Sexy Women Ana Carolina Ardohain  MEXICO CITY - OCTOBER 19:  Model Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain poses for a photo in the press room during the Los Premios MTV Latino America 2006 at the Palacio De Los Deportes October 19, 2006 in Mexico City, Mexico.  (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Carolina Ardohain From Getty Images.

a goddess is discovered
When she was in her late teens, Sexy Ardohain became interested in a local clothing brand that was publicly requesting non-models to be part of an upcoming ad campaign. As she already worked as a saleswoman at one of the brand's stores, she already had the inside track and landed a spot in the advertisements. When they hit the stores in late 1999, legendary South American modeling agent Pancho Dotto was struck with Ardohain's killer look and subsequently exhausted all resources to find her.

Sexy Women Ana Carolina Ardohain

argentina's favorite godmother
In 2002, Ardohain cemented her status as an Argentinean legend after being voted -- with an overwhelming majority -- to be the national soccer team's "godmother" (a representative) during that year's World Cup in South Korea and Japan. She also appeared in an Argentinean TV series called Rebelde Way, which was very well received.

Sexy Women Ana Carolina Ardohain
Sexy Women Ana Carolina Ardohain

During the FIFA World Cup South Korea-Japan 2002 campaign, sexy Ardohain was voted the national football (soccer) team's representative, or "Godmother" as many called the honorary post. She was invited by Televisión Española to the TV program El Show de Flo in September 2002. She continued as actress in the Argentinian TV series "Rebelde Way" (2003) and "Doble Vida" (2005). In February 2004 she was jury and Queen of the International Music Festival of Viña del Mar, in Chile, and became a personality very popular in Latin America and the United States.

Sexy Women Ana Carolina Ardohain Sexy Women Ana Carolina Ardohain

Ardohain married model and photographer Martín Barrantes in November 2002. In September 2005 she separated from Barrantes in the midst of a tumultuous media-hyped rumor that she was having an affair (which she denied). She rather quickly began dating and living with Benjamín Vicuña, a famous actor from Santiago, Chile. Newspapers published photos of Ardohain walking her beagle, clearly showing that the model was pregnant. In late 2007, Ardohain's lawyer publicly stated that he had "proof" that sexy Ardohain had not committed adultery, that her marriage to Barrantes was all but over at the time of their separation, lacking only a formal divorce proceeding.

Sexy Women Ana Carolina Ardohain

a wondrous secret
This international exposure fueled some North American success as well. She was featured in campaigns for our favorite lingerie companies, Victoria's Secret (along with fellow South American babes like Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, and Isabeli Fontana) and Wonderbra.

Sexy Women Ana Carolina Ardohain

Magazines like Stuff and Maxim UK did small pieces on this rising star as well. With more than 60 individual websites devoted to her and millions in Latin America already worshipping the ground she walks on, it is only a matter of time before this smokin' model emerges as a standout in the North. Sexy Women


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